La Costa Flower Cascade Pendant Necklace

La Costa Flower Cascade Pendant Necklace

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Beautiful and brilliant pendant has a unique design featuring an open center surrounded by hammered Sterling Silver with Swarovski™ crystal inlay.  Wear the top Quatrefoil solid crystal pendant alone for a casual look and add cascade bottom for chic and glamorous style. 

 Solid logo pendant separates from the flower logo cascade to give you two totally different necklaces.  Perfect for travel!

  • Approximate weight is 13.3 grams
  • Adjustable sliding chain
  • Swarovski™ crystal
  • .925 Sterling Silver precious base metal
  • Gold Pendant: 24K Gold dipped .925 Sterling Silver
  • Dark Blackish finish Pendant: Oxidized and/or Black Rhodium dipped .925 Sterling Silver
  • Gold Chain: 18K Gold plated .925 Sterling Silver
  • Dark Blackish finish Chain: Oxidized and/or Black Rhodium plated .925 Sterling Silver

Quatrefoil has stood the test of time. This beloved shape has long stood for good luck. At La Costa, we like it for it’s simple geometric shape and transitional styling. We found it so appealing that it’s part of our logo, also derived from a modern orchid design. 

Timeless and transitional, this symbol makes a big impact in today’s designs and has for centuries.  The quatrefoil is the ancient symbol for good luck. Derived from Latin roots and means four leaves, similar to a four-leaf clover. 

In the Christian faith, the leaves represent the four evangelists of the Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

In Native American culture, the four leaves symbolize the four ends of the earth, similar to a compass: North, South, East, and West. 

It symbolizes symmetry and harmony.